COVID-19 Update Starting September 13!

On August 30th, the City and County announced new guidelines in an effort to combat the latest Covid-19 surge. As an entertainment and recreation shop (because of hosting gaming events), some of these rules apply to us. As such, we will do our part to help the state return to a state of “normalcy” and hopefully end the more debilitating effects of this pandemic.
Starting on Monday, September 13th, customers wishing to play at the shop (defined as any activity where you will be inside the shop more than 15 minutes during the day), must present valid proof of vaccination (vaccination card) or show proof of a negative covid test result taken within 48 hours of that day. Vaccine card must be at least two weeks after the date of the 2nd shot and no longer than 1 year from the date of the 2nd shot. Vaccine proof need only be presented once as we will record the appropriate expirations. ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS TO FALSIFY THE VACCINE CARD OR A COVID TEST WILL BE REPORTED.
Children 12 years old and under are exempt from these rules. These rules will remain in force for at least 60 days. If the county extends the order, we will let everyone know right away. We know this can be a highly controversial restriction and respect your right to disagree with it. As inconvenient as it may be, we feel that continuing to allow gaming in person is important and will comply with the new regulations in order to provide our customers with that option

Thank you for your cooperation,

Westside Staff