Cool and Interesting Game and Comic Sites

1. Check out the Wil Wheaton and his friends demo some of the latest games around at Tabletop.

2. Also from the guys at Geek and Sundry, here is their new show, Spellslingers featuring play of Magic the Gathering.

3. A really well done mini-movie for the board game Level 7 Escape.

4. This website is dedicated to collecting info (rumors and official) on the latest comic books being made in movie or television.

5. A video on how to use the new Games Workshop Special Effects Paints.

Manufacturer Websites

1. Games Workshop

2. Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War)

3. Wizards of the Coast

4. Wizkids (Heroclix and Star Trek Attack Wing)

5. DC Comics

6. Marvel Comics

7. Fantasy Flight Games