Elite Members


At Westside Comics and Games, we believe that customer loyalty and participation should be rewarded. Thus we created the Elite Membership. By registering for membership, you become eligible for discounts, free items and other cool benefits which get bigger as you earn more membership points. Think of it like a d20 RPG…when you earn enough points, you level up to better rewards. Registering is FREE!

All members get on our early warning email list and will get advance notices on new store items and pre-orders. All members may place items on a 5 day hold. All members get first crack at special sale item when available. And no receipts will be required for returns. See some of the other rewards below:

0 level                   Servitor             No extra bonus

1st level (1pt)       Serf                    No extra bonus

2nd level (2pts )  Aspirant            Free comic or paint bottle

3rd level (4pts)   Neophyte           Free Half Day of Table Time (can be combined with other members to get full days)

4th level (7pts)    Scout                  First $5 of all shipping is waived (min $50 purchase) and a Half Day of Table Time

5th level (10pts)  Battle Brother  $10 Store Credit OR a Full Day of Table Time

6th level (14pts) and up                Watch us on Facebook for announcements of promotions and their rewards at this level.


Here are some of the activities that earn you points. Points may also be awarded for special cases.

  • For every $50 spent: 1 pt
  • For participating in a store gaming event or contest:  1/2 pt
  • Winning or placing in a store event or contest can earn a variable number of points, depending on the size of the event
  • Referring a new Elite Member:  1 pt
  • No show at a sign-up store event or contest:  -1 pt

You will earn NO points until you sign up, so sign up right away. Your name (first name and last initial) and ranking will be listed below. At your option, your interests and email will also be shown. You will be recognized on our Facebook site whenever you earn a level other than 0 and 1.

Download the Elite Membership Registration Form here.

If you would like to find out your level and what benefits you have accrued, call, email or stop by the store.